Super Virgin (Single & B​-​Side)

by The Something Others

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released May 7, 2017


tags: rock Detroit


all rights reserved
Track Name: Super Virgin
Verse 1:
Is a four letter lie with a meaning.
It's a smokescreen.
For a pathway to my insanity.

And I,
Have a label across my forehead.
And everyone likes to talk about it.
Terrorizing me. It's agony!

Verse 2:
Where art thou comrade?
Help me fight this battle of life.
'Cause I can't face this hell,
All on my own.

Now I hold these tendencies
that complicate things.
Building up unnecessary obstacles.
Shrouding me in a different kind of tone!

Pre - Chorus:
What's the point? I try, but it hurts.
It's withering down my serenity.

Where can I go,
To flee the ignorance?
I need someone to mend my broken melody.

I'm a super virgin
And there's nothing super about it.

Give me, gimmie a diversion.
Divert me off this broken path.

Verse 3:

Sex, the norm of society.
Yes, a part of conformity.
Flow, through the cavalcade of emotions.
No, time for the useless devotions.

(Mini solo)

Verse 4:
Couldn't relate to the songs on the radio I always hear.
Getting all the lovers, having someone to hold, happy endings.

Couldn't relate to this oh-so-called normality.
Condescending me like I'm a naïve black sheep. I'm lost! I'm lost!

Verse 5:
I'm not gay I'm just having a real difficult time.
No dates, no kisses isn't the greatest sign.

Oh, they want to break you, break you down.
I could just run away, run away.
And everything would be okay!

Pre - Chorus 2:
What's the point? I've seen the sticks and stones break my bones.
The words bring back the misery.

Where can I go,
Where love can't find me?
I need a moment of clarity.


Wish I was normal like everyone else.
I'm a wanderer amongst the free.

Maybe in my dreams I can be happy.
Sing a song that speaks to me.

We're all super virgins.
And we can just laugh about it.

No need for diversions.
'Cause I'm a straight shootin' arrow on the narrow path.